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Dale Reardon is an Australian entrepreneur and the founder of My Disability Matters, a news, opinion and discussion website focused on disability news, opinion and discussion covering disability news Worldwide. In the past Dale has practiced as a lawyer and created several small businesses. He has significant experience with online marketing. Dale has been blind since the age of 17 (now 46) and has Charlie, the Seeing Eye Dog, to assist him with mobility when in Australia. Dale loves to travel with his wife Jo, particularly enjoying the wine and food of other cultures. France and Asia are favourite destinations, but there is still so much to explore.

She who pays the piper calls the tune: exploring self management and the NDIS

An explanation of the NDIS self management process and how it is working out for disabled participants.

New continuity of support information for those ineligible for the NDIS

Finally continuity of support information, policies and procedures have been released for those not covered by the NDIS but currently receiving disability care and support services.

Deaf workers: one in four has quit a job because of discrimination

Deaf people face extreme discrimination in their employment and in relation to finding jobs.

Why has Japan’s massacre of disabled gone unnoticed?

Recently a mass killing of the disabled occured in Japan but it has gone relatively unnoticed in the mainstream media and drawn little sympathy.

Is social media to blame for the worsening mental health of teenage girls?

With 37% of teenage girls in the UK suffering from psychological distress, and no reason to think Australia would be any different, is social media to blame for the worsening mental health of teenage girls?