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What You Learn From Navigating Through The Tinder Trenches (As A Woman With A Disability)

Read about the experiences of a disabled woman using the Tinder app to find love, romance and relationships.

Supporting peer connection in the inclusive class – tips for teachers

By Catia Malaquias and Dr Robert Jackson This is the second in a series of short articles aimed at providing some practical tips for teachers to improve the inclusiveness of their general education classrooms. Teachers readily recognise the academic goals of inclusive education – and accordingly the need...

A Therapy Donkey in Training

Read all about a miniature donkey being trained as a therapy support animal.

Discussion on The Right to Community Living

A terrific discussion on the concept of community living and independent living for people with disabilities.

Sex and the Disabled Life

Disability and sexuality are a complex relationship and often your body fights against you. This important topic is explored here.

[Infographic] Taking children with cerebral palsy on flights

Advice on how to plan ahead when a child with cerebral palsy needs to fly.

At 2, he was labeled ‘intellectually disabled.’ He wasn’t. He has Asperger’s.

An important story about the difference between a learning disability / intellectual disability and Autism or Aspergers Syndrome.

Families Fight To Keep Institutions, Sheltered Workshops Open

This story from the US highlights an issue that is very hotly contested here in Australia.

Symptom overlap between autism and learning disability causes confusion

This story from Abu Dhabi talks about the differences between autism and learning disabilities.