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Issues around Aged Care, particularly in terms of disability. This includes the My Aged Care system in Australia which will include disability services for those aged over 65 who aren’t eligible for the NDIS.

Five years on, NDIS is getting young people out of aged...

The number of young people living in aged care has remained just above 6,000 for the past 10 years. A 5% reduction in admissions in the past five years is barely scratching the surface of the total numbers still living in aged care.

How to create a team of disability support workers that can...

Discussion on how to effectively manage a team of disability support workers and minimize problems.

Proposed focus areas on the NDIS by Australian Human Rights Commission

A discussion paper has been released by the Australian Human Rights Commission stating the areas of focus by the Commissioner for the NDIS.

Caring for elderly Australians in a home-like setting can reduce hospital...

The World Health Organisation has stated smaller home-like residential care settings “hold promise for older people, family members and volunteers who provide care and support.

Budget 2016: $136m boost for My Aged Care But Not For...

A headline announcement that gives extra funding to the call centre but nothing to direct service delivery under My Aged care.

Negative stereotypes around ageing

There are many negative stereotypes around aging and being disabled makes it even worse.

Research shows impact of ILF closure on London councils

More than 250 disabled Londoners with high support needs have lost some of their support since ILF’s closure.

Potential My Aged Care Impact: Budget outlines aged care shake-up

Aged Care funding is being cut and this may impact harshly on care of the disabled through the My Aged Care system.

Breaking the stigma around aged care

As we age most of us want to stay in our own homes as long as possible and home care is one fantastic option that allows us to do this.

Mental health needs a national plan to guide reforms

Many changes to mental health funding have been announced recently but no cohesive national plan has been set out to coordinate all these changes with the NDIS and My Aged Care systems.