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Issues around Aged Care, particularly in terms of disability. This includes the My Aged Care system in Australia which will include disability services for those aged over 65 who aren’t eligible for the NDIS.

There is extra funding for aged care in the budget, but...

The 14,000 home care places are additional to those built into prior budgets. And there is extra money ($1.6 billion over four years) allocated to fund them in this year’s budget. But it still won’t be enough to meet demand.

Our guide to aged care and the best option for you

If you're investigating aged care options for yourself or a loved one you might find, like many before you, that you're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information covering everything from care options to sector failures.

Parliament passes laws enacting 2017 reforms re My Aged Care

Update on legislation concerning My Aged Care system for elderly disability care.

Jeremy Hunt’s seven principles on adult social care reform: a new...

Jeremy Hunt’s seven principles on adult social care reform: Are there grounds for optimism, or is this just the latest chapter in a series of models for reform that have failed to make it into practice?

Innovation in aged care: alternative options give older Australians autonomy and...

Discussion of some great options being used by aged care recipients to help them live in the community and stay at home.

Research shows impact of ILF closure on London councils

More than 250 disabled Londoners with high support needs have lost some of their support since ILF’s closure.

Budget 2016: $136m boost for My Aged Care But Not For...

A headline announcement that gives extra funding to the call centre but nothing to direct service delivery under My Aged care.

Proposed focus areas on the NDIS by Australian Human Rights Commission

A discussion paper has been released by the Australian Human Rights Commission stating the areas of focus by the Commissioner for the NDIS.

Helping your disabled parents with aged care

Editors Note: The My Aged Care system is also relevant to those who are aged over 65 and hence their disability needs will be...

ACATs link to My Aged Care eReferral system but GPs still...

Written by Kate McDonald on 03 March 2016. Victorian aged care assessment teams (ACATs) will begin using the My Aged Care system for referrals from...