Thursday, September 19, 2019

Aged Care

Issues around Aged Care, particularly in terms of disability. This includes the My Aged Care system in Australia which will include disability services for those aged over 65 who aren’t eligible for the NDIS.

Govt Urged to Take Action on Aged Care Workforce

With the population aging rapidly the Government must work quickly with the aged care sector to increase the workforce size and training.

New continuity of support information for those ineligible for the NDIS

Finally continuity of support information, policies and procedures have been released for those not covered by the NDIS but currently receiving disability care and support services.

Answering the same questions over and over: how to talk to...

Guidance on how to communicate more effectively with people who have dementia.

Looking for a nursing home place for your parent with dementia?...

Six keys things to consider when faced with the responsibility of finding the right nursing home for a parent with dementia.

Myth-Busting – Four rumours about home accessibility

An accessible home is a home like any other, and requires attention to style, design, comfort and function like all houses.

Disability and Ageing Research

Details of some recent research on disability and aging that is currently free to access rather than being paywalled.

How to create a team of disability support workers that can...

Discussion on how to effectively manage a team of disability support workers and minimize problems.

Budget 2016: $136m boost for My Aged Care But Not For...

A headline announcement that gives extra funding to the call centre but nothing to direct service delivery under My Aged care.

Potential My Aged Care Impact: Budget outlines aged care shake-up

Aged Care funding is being cut and this may impact harshly on care of the disabled through the My Aged Care system.

Mental health needs a national plan to guide reforms

Many changes to mental health funding have been announced recently but no cohesive national plan has been set out to coordinate all these changes with the NDIS and My Aged Care systems.