Aged Care

Issues around Aged Care, particularly in terms of disability. This includes the My Aged Care system in Australia which will include disability services for those aged over 65 who aren’t eligible for the NDIS.

Admin charges on unspent funds to be disclosed on My Aged...

Home care providers will be required to publish on My Aged Care all administration charges to be deducted from any future unspent funds should a client switch providers or permanently leave their package.

Latest webinar on My Aged Care rollout

A webinar on the My Aged Care system rollout.

Blind and Vision-impaired Australians over 65 Need a Fair Go Too!...

Learn about how disabled people over the age of 65 are treated under the My Aged Care system compared to the better NDIS.

New Australian Government funded service supports carers

New Australian Government service supports carers & website details.

Negative stereotypes around ageing

There are many negative stereotypes around aging and being disabled makes it even worse.