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The latest research, from around the world, and news on managing specific disabilities.

[Research] Behavioural activation as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy for depression

BA encourages people to focus on meaningful activities driven by their own personal values as a way of overcoming depression.

Disability service sector can’t meet NDIS demand

A significant number of disability service organisations lack the financial capacity to meet the increased demand from the NDIS.

Study shows direct manipulation of brain can reverse effects of depression

Study shows direct manipulation of brain can reverse effects of depression. Admittedly it sounds a scary treatment!

[Report] Vulnerable children being re-traumatised by services

Schools, social workers, police and NHS staff are inadvertently re-traumatising vulnerable children, because of fundamental misunderstandings about their behaviour, according to a new report.

[Research] Almost half of businesses apprehensive about hiring people with disabilities

Almost half of UK businesses admit to being apprehensive about hiring someone with a disability because of fears they won’t be able to do the job and concerns about making inappropriate comments or actions.

[Research] People with sight loss at increased risk of depression

People with vision loss or who suffer vision loss are at a greater risk of suffering depression and support workers must be trained to recognise the symptoms and institute early treatment.

The social model of disability: thirty years on

Details the history and current status of the social mode of disability.

[Research] Odds of returning to work For Disabled reduce at twice...

New research shows that the prospects of a disabled person returning to work after a significant period of unemployment are vastly reduced compared to a non disabled person.

Disability and Ageing Research

Details of some recent research on disability and aging that is currently free to access rather than being paywalled.

[Report] Support to access high quality housing an essential part of...

People with mental health issues require high quality housing support and facilities to make the best recovery and have the best life possible.