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The latest research, from around the world, and news on managing specific disabilities.

Neurons made from blood cells – a new tool for understanding...

This research will not only provide insights into how diseases develop but will also create a way to test new therapies before they are given to patients.

Gaming addiction as a mental disorder: it’s premature to pathologise players

Rigorous scientific research into gaming addiction is essential. Now is not the time to pathologise one of the most popular leisure activities of the digital age.

Is my child depressed? Being moody isn’t a mental illness

If the media coverage is to be believed, we are drowning in a sea of mental illness and mental health issues. Perhaps it’s time for some sober critical analysis.

Treating depression to economically empower mothers

In one of the largest psychotherapy trials in the world, researchers have found cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is highly effective in helping mothers with perinatal depression get better, and make smarter economic choices.

Disability in APS: bullying, distrust, bad ICT spark concern

There are many problems for employment of the disabled in the Australian Public Service and some include information technology and communication systems and a culture of low expectations and belief about the disabled.

Disrupted sleep-wake cycle linked to mental health problems – new study

Disturbances to circadian rhythms – specifically, increased activity during rest hours and/or inactivity during the day – were associated with a greater risk of mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorder), worse subjective feelings of well-being and slower reaction times.

[Report] Support to access high quality housing an essential part of...

People with mental health issues require high quality housing support and facilities to make the best recovery and have the best life possible.

[Book Review] The sociology of disability and inclusive education: a tribute...

A terrific book outlining the contribution that Len Barton has made to disability research and inclusive education.

Autism Speaks: CDC Update On Autism Shows Gap Between Early Concerns...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released its newest estimate of autism prevalence among children in the United States.