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The latest research, from around the world, and news on managing specific disabilities.

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Higher Education: report

Details of a report about supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Higher Education.

Why pregnant women with depression often slip through the cracks

Having a baby can be extraordinarily challenging. Women are extremely vulnerable to emotional changes during pregnancy and the year after delivery.

DRILL funding paves the way for personal budget co-operatives

Five user-led organisations have secured £150,000 for a research project that will set up what it is believed will be the UK’s first cooperatives for disabled people who receive care funding through personal budgets.

Mariah Carey says she has bipolar disorder; a psychiatrist explains what...

Mariah Carey recently opened up about her struggle with bipolar disorder, a mood disorder that includes episodes of elevated mood, as well as episodes of depression.

Why accessibility testing with real users is so important

There is no 'one size fits all' way to know if what you’ve built will work until you test it with the people who will be expected to use it.

Bugs and allergies in pregnancy linked to child developmental disorders, like...

A new study suggests activation of a mother's immune system during pregnancy, such as during an allergic response, may affect fetal brain development.

Six things you can do to reduce your risk of dementia

Although we can’t change our age or genetic profile, there are nevertheless several lifestyle changes we can make that will reduce our dementia risk.

[Research] Almost half of businesses apprehensive about hiring people with disabilities

Almost half of UK businesses admit to being apprehensive about hiring someone with a disability because of fears they won’t be able to do the job and concerns about making inappropriate comments or actions.

Cannabis and psychosis: what is the link and who is at...

There’s consistent evidence showing a relationship over time between heavy or repeated cannabis use (or those diagnosed with cannabis use disorder) and an experience of psychosis for the first time.

[Research] Behavioural activation as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy for depression

BA encourages people to focus on meaningful activities driven by their own personal values as a way of overcoming depression.