Disability Research & Management

The latest research, from around the world, and news on managing specific disabilities.

The roadmap to defeat MS in Australia

The Roadmap proposes $30 million over ten years from the Medical Research Future Fund and $5 million from the Commonwealth Primary Health Network.

Making disability support work across real lives

The big issue as a parent is the low expectations that people have of children with disabilities and it’s a real lost opportunity. That focus on what you can’t do rather than on what you can do is a real downer.

The guidelines on low back pain are clear: drugs and surgery...

Recommended first-line treatments – such as advice to stay active and to exercise – are often overlooked. Instead, many health professionals seem to favour less effective treatments such as rest, opioids, spinal injections and surgery.

Disrupted sleep-wake cycle linked to mental health problems – new study

Disturbances to circadian rhythms – specifically, increased activity during rest hours and/or inactivity during the day – were associated with a greater risk of mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorder), worse subjective feelings of well-being and slower reaction times.

Mental Health: Extinguished and anguished – what is burnout and what...

Burnout can have serious consequences, including reduced work performance and life satisfaction, and has been associated with other mental health conditions.

Osteopathy can be used to treat mental health issues related to...

35% of people who suffer with low back pain are also diagnosed with depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Informed consent: women need to know about the link between the...

The pill and other hormone contraceptives are not without side effects. We usually focus on the physical health effects of the pill, yet the most common reason women stop or change the pill is mental health side effects.

How to deliver the mental health services that young people desperately...

With so many young people requiring extra support – whether that’s special education or mental health services – it’s high time for educational psychologists to take on a bigger role in schools.

Toxin linked to motor neuron disease found in Australian algal blooms

Research now needs to focus on tracking and monitoring algal blooms to detect the presence of BMAA (a neurotoxin), and determining how long it remains in the ecosystem after these blooms occur.

Research shows huge postcode differences in NHS continuing healthcare

Some people in England with complex health and social care needs can be up to 25 times more likely to get their care costs covered than those living in other parts of the country.