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[Video] Wheels of Fortune

Some people just don’t know how to deal with someone in a wheelchair.

3 harmful ways casual ableism shows up in our everyday language

Are you using casual ableism in your everyday language? It’s widely accepted in our society, so you might be doing it without knowing about the meaning or impact of what you’re saying.

[VIDEO] Rapper 50 Cent harasses airport employee with autism

Video shows rapper 50 Cent harassing a young man pushing a cleaning cart at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.

A Young Woman With Autism Interviewed Channing Tatum, And It Was...

The interviewer having autism brought a totally different feel and perspective to the interview.

What is the NDIS Intellectual Disability Reference Group?

Find out all about the NDIS Intellectual Disability Reference Group and how it is helping form NDIS poliy.

Petition: Keep National Auslan Booking and Payment Service out of NDIS

NABS is an essential communication service to health and medical practitioners and deaf people. Sign the petition to keep it out of the NDIS.

Pathetic: Puerto Rican cop abuses man on Wheelchair, video goes viral,...

See a horrifying video of police treatment of a disabled person in a wheelchair.

Revolutionary Off-Road Wheelchair Opens Up New World Of Exploration

A brand new wheelchair designed for off road use - the Freedom Chair is known as the mountain bike of wheelchairs.