Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Covers the raising of disabled children and the parenting of all children by disabled parents and any adapted methods they may use.

Teenage depression: If a parent doesn’t get treatment for a child,...

Parents may also not see symptoms of a mental health problem or not be aware of how severe the problem is, due to lack of knowledge or understanding of depression in children.

13 Reasons Why is a real opportunity to help troubled teens

It is imperative that adults seek to genuinely understand what youngsters face, and use the publicity surrounding 13 Reasons Why to start a bigger conversation with teens about the kinds of things that affect their mental health and general well-being.

Project into social isolation of young people with learning difficulties

The young people interviewed for the report “unanimously” said they needed practical help, emotional support and communication skills to maintain friendships.

How to deliver the mental health services that young people desperately...

With so many young people requiring extra support – whether that’s special education or mental health services – it’s high time for educational psychologists to take on a bigger role in schools.

Work early, work often: Importance of work and work-based experiences for...

The three-part campaign highlights the importance of work and work-based experiences in an individual’s transition to adulthood, particularly for young adults with disabilities.

Mental illness on campus really is ‘a thing’

Many health professionals are “pathologizing normal life” by failing to recognize that it’s healthy for young people to experience and report negative emotions.

How benefit sanctions push single parents further from work

Parents are often penalised despite seeking work, caught out by unrealistic expectations from jobcentres and poor administration.

Choosing the wrong college can be bad for your mental health

If the overall academic ability of the student body is not taken into consideration, students may end up going to a college where they are more likely to end up feeling down.

Treating depression to economically empower mothers

In one of the largest psychotherapy trials in the world, researchers have found cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is highly effective in helping mothers with perinatal depression get better, and make smarter economic choices.

Improving mental health support for children in the care of the...

We know that the child mental health system is under pressure and that almost half of all children in care have a diagnosable mental health disorder. There are complex policy and practice issues as well as tensions in where responsibility lies in relation to mental health needs of children in the care of the state in the UK.