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Events, including seminars and conferences, for people with disability.

One story, two languages: sign and spoken language share the theatre...

Award-winning theatre company Equal Voices Arts has developed two original shows performed in both NZSL and New Zealand English (NZE) to enable both Deaf and hearing audiences to share the experience.

NDIS 101 with Sam Paior

An NDIS planning session in May in South Australia for teenagers and families with children up to 17 with a disability.

Imagining Better: De-mystifying the NDIS process workshop in Mornington

Attend a workshop on preparing for the NDIS and your planning under the NDIS in Mornington Victoria in May 2016.

Concern over balance of major end-of-life conference

Disabled campaigners have raised concerns that a major conference on “end of life choice” – being organised by the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) – appears to be tilted in favour of speakers who want to legalise assisted suicide.

Disability Pride events ‘allow disabled people to celebrate who they are’

It is essential that disabled people can have pride in who they are and that disability discrimination awareness continues to be raised.

Round 2: NDIS Confidence and Capability Training

JFA Purple Orange is running Series 2 of free NDIS Confidence and Capability Training to help people living with physical disability prepare for the NDIS.

BCA South Australian Members Forum to be streamed via the Internet

BCA South Australian Members Forum to be streamed via the Internet for all members on 9 April 2016.

Autism and NDIS talks in Tasmania

Details of some talks about how the NDIS will effect the autism community in Tasmania, being held during June 2016.

NSW Person Centred Active Support Roll-out

CDS announces the NSW Person Centred Active Support Roll-out

Social care citizens’ assembly omits DPOs from panel of experts

DPOs have raised “deep concerns” about the way the Citizens’ Assembly on Social Care has been organised, and its failure to ensure that disabled people and their user-led organisations will have the chance to influence its conclusions.