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Disability articles that are not only current issues and can be read and enjoyed in to the future.

[Infographic] Taking children with cerebral palsy on flights

Advice on how to plan ahead when a child with cerebral palsy needs to fly.

Guidelines To Prevent Parents Being Too Public With An Autistic Child’s...

Guidelines To Prevent Parents Being Too Public With An Autistic Child's Details and a story of how information goes social and the repercussions remain forever.

Helping Your Autistic Child Make Friends

Some ideas from a mother to help your child with autism make friends.

When parents disagree with doctors on a child’s treatment, who should...

The question of parental rights versus the opinion of medical doctors is an important one with disabled children or disabled adults with cognitive issues.

1 in 5 college students have anxiety or depression. Here’s why

In recent years, depression and anxiety have afflicted college students at alarming rates. Anxiety and depression are the top reasons that college students seek counselling.

Looking for a nursing home place for your parent with dementia?...

Six keys things to consider when faced with the responsibility of finding the right nursing home for a parent with dementia.

Doctors urged to stop prescribing ‘chemical restraint’ for people with learning...

Doctors should not see chemical restraint (drugs) as the first or most effective option for behavior management of the disabled.

NDIS Disability Housing: Funding for 500-900 New Properties Every Year

The NDIA / NDIS has released its next important discussion paper on disability housing under the NDIS including who will pay for what and how many specialist disability housing places will be created.

Should I send my child to a special school? Our path...

By Catia Malaquias   “Do you think Julius can go to the same regular school as his sister or should he go to … a …...

Understanding the NDIS: will parents of newly diagnosed children with disability...

Under the NDIS informal support to find out about early intervention will not be a funded service. In fact, it will no longer exist.