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Disability articles that are not only current issues and can be read and enjoyed in to the future.

The Autism&Uni Best Practice Guides are available!

News and information from the Autism and University Project containing learnings from Worldwide.

Things I hope to find in aged care homes by the...

Editors Note: Residents of aged care homes with disabilities will need specific aids and facilities so lets hope they get provided by the time...

Integrated model of housing and support for young people in nursing...

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an exciting and significant part of the solution to the issue of young people in nursing homes....

Blind and Vision-impaired Australians over 65 Need a Fair Go Too!...

Learn about how disabled people over the age of 65 are treated under the My Aged Care system compared to the better NDIS.

Should You Disclose Your Mental Health Issues to Your Employer

Whether to disclose your mental health illness or mental health disability to your employer, or when applying for employment is a very difficult decision. Read our discussion on the legal requirements and the pros and cons of doing so.

How Schools Actively Avoid Enrolling Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities are frequently discriminated against in Australian schools. It’s an issue that has been ongoing for years, with reports showing that little has improved since 2002. Exclusion practices are explored in this post.

Why Society Is Making People With Disabilities Sick

An article about how the conditions for housing, employment and welfare that disabled people have inflicted upon them by society are making their health far worse.