Disability articles that are not only current issues and can be read and enjoyed in to the future.

CrossFit program helps children with autism find confidence

A fantastic exercise program for children with autism is helping with fitness and confidence.

Religion on Disability: The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

The Pope has given his perspective on disability and essentially says that disability can be viewed as a divine gift.

Customize your white cane with Kustom Cane

Get special customisations to your white cane or guide dog harness to match your style and personality.

MS Xplained: An Excellent app about MS

A highly informative app about MS to help those newly diagnosed, their friends and family.

A brief history of the Paralympic Games: from post-WWII rehabilitation to...

A detailed history of how the Paralympic Games was created and has evolved until the present day.

How one family’s dream of a service dog came true

A family's journey of obtaining a service dog for their child with seizures, after initial knockbacks.

When parents disagree with doctors on a child’s treatment, who should...

The question of parental rights versus the opinion of medical doctors is an important one with disabled children or disabled adults with cognitive issues.

The employment story of a young man with cerebral palsy

An interview with Nick about his work and volunteer experiences.

[Video] Wheels of Fortune

Some people just don’t know how to deal with someone in a wheelchair.

[Research] Behavioural activation as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy for depression

BA encourages people to focus on meaningful activities driven by their own personal values as a way of overcoming depression.