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News and opinion on human rights for people with disability.

OPINION: Stand up for your rights, because no one else will

As a person blind since birth, I learnt quickly that in order to be regarded as an equal in society, I’d have to utilise my greatest ally – my voice.

Handbook to help Labour address widespread discrimination in party

Disabled party activists are hoping a new handbook will force Labour to confront its failure to comply with its legal duties to prevent disability discrimination.

Former residents plead with cemetery developers to let friends rest in...

Campaigners are fighting development plans that they fear could disturb the remains of some of the more than 1,000 disabled people who are buried in the former grounds of a long-stay hospital.

DPOs ask May for meeting over lack of progress on UN...

Disabled people's organisations (DPOs) have accused the government of maintaining a "head-in-the-sand denial" of its failure to protect disabled people’s human rights.

Shock over death of disabled woman abandoned without care

User-led organisations have reacted with shock and dismay to the "scandalous" failings of a council and care agencies that led to a disabled, terminally-ill woman being abandoned without any personal care just a few days before she died.

How changes to disability benefits harm claimants’ well-being and sense of...

In a major undertaking, the government announced in late January that it will review all 1.6m claims for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – one of the benefits that supports people with a disability.

Australians stuck below the poverty line including people with disabilities

Despite decades of strong economic growth, poverty continues to be a major concern in Australia. Recent research published by the Melbourne Institute shows that more than two million Australians fell below the poverty line in 2015.

Inquiry into terminally-ill woman who died 11 days after agencies withdrew...

A council has been forced to launch an inquiry into the death of a terminally-ill disabled woman, after a public meeting heard how all her personal care had suddenly been withdrawn just a few days before she died.

Anger over Royal Society’s ‘love fest for euthanasia’ conference

Disabled activists have attacked the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) for hosting a conference on “choice at the end of life” that was little more than a “love fest for euthanasia”.

Legal advice concerns after government abandons search for new contractors

Lawyers and campaigners have raised fresh concerns about the government’s approach to providing legal advice to people who need help with discrimination and special educational needs (SEN) cases, after ministers abandoned efforts to award new contracts in those areas.