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News and opinion on human rights for people with disability.

Access to Elected Office Fund sparks call for ministerial meeting

The government broke its promise to publish the long-awaited review of a fund that supported deaf and disabled people with the extra costs of standing for election.

Disabled people face hidden crisis in accessible housing

More than 350,000 disabled people in England have unmet housing needs, with one-third of those in rented accommodation living in unsuitable properties.

New memorial fund will empower disabled women

The Eleanor and Sophie Memorial Fund will provide financial support for disabled women to attend events such as conferences and concerts – both mainstream and disability-related – that they would not otherwise be able to afford to attend.

EHRC appoints eight disabled people to advisory committee

The new appointments mean that all 14 members of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) disability advisory committee (DAC) will be disabled people.

Charity faces claims of abusive behaviour over care home closure meeting

There are now concerns that allowing just three months to find new accommodation means he and other residents could be forced into homes for older people.

Commission of disabled people sets council on path to true co-production

The commission focuses on how to remove the barriers disabled people face in the London borough by embedding a culture of co-production within the council.

Government refuses to say what has happened to its disability strategy

The refusal to explain whether it still follows its Fulfilling Potential strategy has cast fresh doubt on the government’s commitment to disability rights and equality.

Mental Health Act review ‘is just tinkering around the edges’ of...

There is growing frustration that the review appeared to be ignoring the importance of funding and “depleted” mental health services.

We can’t just leave it to the NDIS to create cities...

The responsibility for change should be shared far more broadly – mainstream services must actively transform themselves to become more inclusive.

Government decision due on fund to help the disabled stand for...

The government has now promised to publish its evaluation of the fund and announce its decision on the fund’s future by 11 May.