News and opinion on education for people with disability.

My dyslexic perspective on academia – and how I found science...

Dyslexia in academia is a conundrum – it is basically a learning difficulty, and coping with dyslexia is a very personal journey. It is different for everyone.

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Higher Education: report

Details of a report about supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Higher Education.

Choosing the wrong college can be bad for your mental health

If the overall academic ability of the student body is not taken into consideration, students may end up going to a college where they are more likely to end up feeling down.

Supporting students with autism in the classroom: what teachers need to...

Advice for parents and teachers of Autistic children to cater for them in the school classroom.

UK MPs’ inquiry into SEN support ignores inclusive education

The inquiry by the Commons education select committee will investigate the impact of major reforms to the special educational needs and disability (SEND) system that were introduced four years ago through the Children and Families Act.

School is not always a safe place for students with disability...

School teachers are struggling to adequately support students with complex needs and school environments allow abuse to occur.

Supporting peer connection in the inclusive class – tips for teachers

By Catia Malaquias and Dr Robert Jackson This is the second in a series of short articles aimed at providing some practical tips for teachers...

How Rwandan girls with disabilities are fighting sexism at school

Girls resist male domination by either directly and assertively confronting it, or by using more subtle tactics. In doing so, they challenge domination and stereotypes and affirm their capacity for leadership in a male-dominated setting.

Three Tips to Make Classrooms Mobility Device Friendly

Tips for creating an inclusive and accessible educational environment.

Should I send my child to a special school? Our path...

By Catia Malaquias   “Do you think Julius can go to the same regular school as his sister or should he go to … a …...