News and opinion on education for people with disability.

Visa policy for overseas students with a disability is nonsensical and...

if you are an overseas student with a disability or health issue, or have an accompanying family member with a similar condition, you are at serious risk of having your visa refused to study in Australia.

RNIB partners with Benetech to deliver online resource for print disabled...

Editor's note: A terrific resources for all print disabled readers, including obviously the blind and vision impaired. RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) and...

Galway family develop language learning programme for children with autism

Details of new software to help children with autism develop their language and communication skills.

Support for students with ASD in Spain

News and information from the Autism and University Project containing learnings from Worldwide.

Parents furious to find out children were put in small, dark...

Unfortunately here is an example of restraint and isolation being used in New Zealand to "educate" autistic children.

How Schools Actively Avoid Enrolling Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities are frequently discriminated against in Australian schools. It’s an issue that has been ongoing for years, with reports showing that little has improved since 2002. Exclusion practices are explored in this post.

Suicides at record level among UK students

To help students in need, more personalised forms of support are required – that acknowledge past traumas and distressed states – to address key sources of stress.

Children with disabilities face misdiagnosis to receive school funding

Doctors and parents forced to make an incorrect diagnosis to be eligible for the extra help needed from the education system.

Symptom overlap between autism and learning disability causes confusion

This story from Abu Dhabi talks about the differences between autism and learning disabilities.

Children With Disabilities Are Being Excluded From Education

Governments in Australia, NZ and the UK are failing children with disabilities by not providing necessary learning support.