News and opinion on education for people with disability.

Symptom overlap between autism and learning disability causes confusion

This story from Abu Dhabi talks about the differences between autism and learning disabilities.

Internships for University Students with a Disability

Get all the details for this paid internship program for disabled people. Applications close 2 May.

How Schools Actively Avoid Enrolling Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities are frequently discriminated against in Australian schools. It’s an issue that has been ongoing for years, with reports showing that little has improved since 2002. Exclusion practices are explored in this post.

Support for students with ASD in Finland: challenges in the mapping...

News and information from the Autism and University Project containing learnings from Worldwide.

Insights from evaluating the Autism&Uni toolkit prototype

News and information from the Autism and University Project containing learnings from Worldwide.

School is not always a safe place for students with disability...

School teachers are struggling to adequately support students with complex needs and school environments allow abuse to occur.

Visa policy for overseas students with a disability is nonsensical and...

if you are an overseas student with a disability or health issue, or have an accompanying family member with a similar condition, you are at serious risk of having your visa refused to study in Australia.

Disability Inclusion in education: Schools For All Guide

A comprehensive guide to disability integration in mainstream schools and education - developed by parents of children with disabilities.

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Higher Education: report

Details of a report about supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Higher Education.

Galway family develop language learning programme for children with autism

Details of new software to help children with autism develop their language and communication skills.