News and opinion on employment for people with disability.

Three ways employers get well-being at work wrong

Employers are often getting well-being at work wrong by focusing on physical health rather than mental and emotional health and well-being.

Willing to Work: report About Age & Disability Employment Discrimination Released

Findings & key recommendations from the report into age and disability employment discrimination in Australia.

Are Unpaid Internships and Work Experience Unlawful?

Internships can be a good way for the disabled to get employment experience. But are they legal?

Employment and disability: gaining that all important experience

Discussion on how disabled people can get work experience that will help their employment chances.

The blind photographer who fulfilled his dream to cover the Paralympics

Read the amazing story of the blind photographer who had a childhood dream of covering the Paralympics and how he achieved it.

Report: People with autism earn about half as much

Wage earners with autism unfortunately earn half as much as their non disabled counterparts.

Value revealed in disability talent as research shows morale and standards...

Employing people with disabilities helps make your whole workforce happier and have greater morale and performance.

What employment chances?

Article concerning the problems around disability employment and fit to work tests.

Deaf workers: one in four has quit a job because of...

Deaf people face extreme discrimination in their employment and in relation to finding jobs.

Ford to Launch Program Aimed at Hiring People on the Autism...

A great job initiative by Ford (US) in relation to people with autism.