News and opinion on employment for people with disability.

Lawyer with multiple sclerosis ‘in closet’ highlights labour market exclusion

The shame and concerns of an invisible disability in relation to employment and disability discrimination.

The employment story of a young man with cerebral palsy

An interview with Nick about his work and volunteer experiences.

What employment chances?

Article concerning the problems around disability employment and fit to work tests.

Are Unpaid Internships and Work Experience Unlawful?

Internships can be a good way for the disabled to get employment experience. But are they legal?

Why working with a disability is harder than it has to...

Being disabled and taking care of everything that entails amounts to a part time job in itself & often prevents full time employment.

DRILL funding paves the way for personal budget co-operatives

Five user-led organisations have secured £150,000 for a research project that will set up what it is believed will be the UK’s first cooperatives for disabled people who receive care funding through personal budgets.

The blind photographer who fulfilled his dream to cover the Paralympics

Read the amazing story of the blind photographer who had a childhood dream of covering the Paralympics and how he achieved it.

Disability and employment: talking about your disability

Discussion on if, when and how much to divulge and discuss about your disability when seeking employment.

Video: See Why a Dump Truck Driver Using A Wheelchair Is...

A disabled person who uses a wheelchair also shows how he works with a dump truck in a video.

Home Office IT failure stalls disabled civil servant’s career

A disabled civil servant has told MPs how her career has stalled because of the failure of the IT systems in the Home Office to cope with the assistive technology she needs to do her job.