News and opinion on employment for people with disability.

Value revealed in disability talent as research shows morale and standards...

Employing people with disabilities helps make your whole workforce happier and have greater morale and performance.

Audio: Blind Woman Who Moved to UK For Work (Part 2)

Listen to part two of the interview with a blind woman who has moved to the UK for work as a journalist and details of discrimination in her career.

Our Experience: The day we hired a blind coder

We hired a blind programmer for our software team and he has done amazing work for us. Only minor adjustments in communications were required to ensure success.

Disabled people need not apply

An organisation supposedly dedicated to inclusion, equality, advocacy and disability rights has imposed requirements for a job that exclude many disabled people!

Should You Disclose Your Mental Health Issues to Your Employer

Whether to disclose your mental health illness or mental health disability to your employer, or when applying for employment is a very difficult decision. Read our discussion on the legal requirements and the pros and cons of doing so.

Bad For All Of Us: The backlash against open plan offices:...

The evidence is now overwhelming that open plan offices are detrimental on many fronts to workers, including our mental health.

Video: See Why a Dump Truck Driver Using A Wheelchair Is...

A disabled person who uses a wheelchair also shows how he works with a dump truck in a video.

More than half of workers stay silent about mental health issues

UK research shows over 50% of people who take sick days for mental health reasons, do not reveal the reason to their boss.

Homeless, Blind Man Who Never Lost Hope Elected Town Councilor

The story of a man losing his sight, becoming homeless and then turning things around.
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