News and opinion on employment for people with disability.

Disability disclosure: It’s a personal decision

Should you disclose your disability when applying for something? Factors to consider and timing of disclosure considered.

Why you should hire someone with an intellectual disability

Discussion of the wide ranging benefits for both the employer and the person with an intellectual disability of being hired and given a job.

[Research] Odds of returning to work For Disabled reduce at twice...

New research shows that the prospects of a disabled person returning to work after a significant period of unemployment are vastly reduced compared to a non disabled person.

Autistic Hongkonger overcomes adversity to thrive in his job

A great employment example of what can be achieved.

A Person’s Disability Should Not Disable Their Career

A reflective story about how a disability has held back a person's career due to perceptions and stereotypes of disability.

Disability in the workplace: a success story

A study by the Australian Human Rights Commission says highly skilled individuals are being shut out of work opportunities because of underlying assumptions, stereotypes or myths to do with their disability.

Ford to Launch Program Aimed at Hiring People on the Autism...

A great job initiative by Ford (US) in relation to people with autism.

Report: People with autism earn about half as much

Wage earners with autism unfortunately earn half as much as their non disabled counterparts.

Dismissal over erratic behaviour was disability discrimination

A person engaged in erratic & argumentative behavior and was sacked but held the symptoms were caused by mental health and mental illness issues that the employer should have been aware of.

Disability in APS: bullying, distrust, bad ICT spark concern

There are many problems for employment of the disabled in the Australian Public Service and some include information technology and communication systems and a culture of low expectations and belief about the disabled.