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News and opinion on employment for people with disability.

Audio: Blind Woman Who Moved to UK For Work (Part 2)

Listen to part two of the interview with a blind woman who has moved to the UK for work as a journalist and details of discrimination in her career.

At 2, he was labeled ‘intellectually disabled.’ He wasn’t. He has...

An important story about the difference between a learning disability / intellectual disability and Autism or Aspergers Syndrome.

Families Fight To Keep Institutions, Sheltered Workshops Open

This story from the US highlights an issue that is very hotly contested here in Australia.

Experiences of a Blind Person Moving Country & Changing Employment

Lee Kumutat, an Australian living in the UK, talks about her move, and some of the differences experienced, particularly in regard to transport and in attitudes to blind people.

Homeless, Blind Man Who Never Lost Hope Elected Town Councilor

The story of a man losing his sight, becoming homeless and then turning things around.

Video: See Why a Dump Truck Driver Using A Wheelchair Is...

A disabled person who uses a wheelchair also shows how he works with a dump truck in a video.

Kmart Has Featured Models With A Disability For The First Time...

1. For the first time, Kmart Australia has included two models with a disability in their latest catalogue. ...

Should You Disclose Your Mental Health Issues to Your Employer

Whether to disclose your mental health illness or mental health disability to your employer, or when applying for employment is a very difficult decision. Read our discussion on the legal requirements and the pros and cons of doing so.
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