News and opinion on employment for people with disability.

Spann Cordle- Amazing Spokesperson for the Handi-Capable and Disability Employment

Terrific example of how employing a disabled person has been highly successful and beneficial for the employer. Example of successful disability employment.

Value revealed in disability talent as research shows morale and standards...

Employing people with disabilities helps make your whole workforce happier and have greater morale and performance.

Are Unpaid Internships and Work Experience Unlawful?

Internships can be a good way for the disabled to get employment experience. But are they legal?

What Evidence Is There That Internships Help Secure Employment?

Government and universities are pushing to make graduates more employable and internships are often presented as the solution to this.

Our Experience: The day we hired a blind coder

We hired a blind programmer for our software team and he has done amazing work for us. Only minor adjustments in communications were required to ensure success.

Disability disclosure: It’s a personal decision

Should you disclose your disability when applying for something? Factors to consider and timing of disclosure considered.

Why you should hire someone with an intellectual disability

Discussion of the wide ranging benefits for both the employer and the person with an intellectual disability of being hired and given a job.

[Research] Odds of returning to work For Disabled reduce at twice...

New research shows that the prospects of a disabled person returning to work after a significant period of unemployment are vastly reduced compared to a non disabled person.

Autistic Hongkonger overcomes adversity to thrive in his job

A great employment example of what can be achieved.

A Person’s Disability Should Not Disable Their Career

A reflective story about how a disability has held back a person's career due to perceptions and stereotypes of disability.