Equipment and Technology

News and opinion on equipment and technology for people with disability.

Perceptive Devices releases Smyle Mouse for hands-free control via face gestures

Smyle Mouse tracks the user's facial gestures via a simple webcam and translates them into mouse commands.

Independent Federal Disability Agency Calls for a “Technology Bill of Rights”...

There are high level calls for a technology bill of rights to ensure accessible technology is produced, to protect all disabled Americans.

Customize your white cane with Kustom Cane

Get special customisations to your white cane or guide dog harness to match your style and personality.

MS Xplained: An Excellent app about MS

A highly informative app about MS to help those newly diagnosed, their friends and family.

The power of social media for disabled people

Examples of the power of social media for disabled people creating powerful social change.

Kids With Autism Learn About Emotions Thru Google Glass App

This development of an app to help children with autism using Google Glass is still proceeding with further development.

New TrailRider Wheels Bring Fresh Perspective To A Wheelchair User

With the use of the outdoor TrailRider wheelchair this wheelchair user can once again the outdoors and hiking.

Designing a dementia-friendly and Accessible website

Some tips and advice on designing a dementia friendly and accessible website.

An App To Help The Blind & Vision Impaired Learn Apple’s...

BCA New Horizons radio show this week looks at an App to help learn the Apple Voiceover speech system.

Five common myths about accessible websites

How to solve accessibility issues for websites and debunking common myths about website accessibility.