Thursday, September 19, 2019


News and opinion on housing for people with disability.

Young woman evicted from care home while critically ill in hospital

Her case highlights once again the drastic shortage of accessible housing across the country. Disabled people have been left “demoralised and frustrated” by the housing system and faced a “chronic shortage” of accessible homes.

Mental Health: Not just a place to live – From homelessness...

Helping the most marginalized people in society feel comfortable in a new and alien environment, where they were isolated from their peers, required a different approach that went beyond finding them a place to live.

Five years on, NDIS is getting young people out of aged...

The number of young people living in aged care has remained just above 6,000 for the past 10 years. A 5% reduction in admissions in the past five years is barely scratching the surface of the total numbers still living in aged care.

Disabled people face hidden crisis in accessible housing

More than 350,000 disabled people in England have unmet housing needs, with one-third of those in rented accommodation living in unsuitable properties.

Homelessness: Australia’s shameful story of policy complacency and failure continues

Recently published 2016 Census statistics showed a 14% increase in overall homelessness in Australia since 2011.

The horror story of demand driving supply in a failed housing...

The Productivity Commission recommends moving toward a single system of financial assistance that can be accessed regardless of the type of housing a person chooses to live in.

England expects 40% of new housing developments will be affordable, why...

Australia has record levels of supply of new properties but despite various government interventions, housing still remains unaffordable for many.

Mission nearly impossible: the City of Sydney’s efforts to increase the...

The major challenge is providing affordable rental housing. Despite the city council’s best intentions, the affordable and social housing stock has hardly grown over the last decade.

Government announces plans to bring in access laws for disabled tenants

The government has finally agreed to bring into force long-awaited laws that will impose a duty on landlords to allow disabled tenants to make access improvements to the hallways, staircases and entrances of residential properties.

NDIS needs the market to help make up at least 60%...

Funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is expected to support 28,000 people, 6% of all NDIS participants.