News and opinion on housing for people with disability.

Far more disabled people living in slum housing than rest of...

Disabled people are twice as likely to live in slum, run down housing than the rest of the population affecting general health, mental health and quality of life.

Looking for a nursing home place for your parent with dementia?...

Six keys things to consider when faced with the responsibility of finding the right nursing home for a parent with dementia.

Ditching Logan’s public-private regeneration sets Queensland back on social and affordable...

The prospect of a massive increase in public affordable housing for the disabled in Queensland has been destroyed by the Queensland Government by abandoning a major project.

My eight year search for affordable accessible and disability friendly housing

Read a detailed account of a lengthy, stressful and frustrating search for disability friendly, accessible housing.

Myth-Busting – Four rumours about home accessibility

An accessible home is a home like any other, and requires attention to style, design, comfort and function like all houses.

Collaboration addresses need for sustainable and Innovative Disability housing

An example of an innovative disability housing solution that provides a sustainable and affordable housing solution.

Concerns about ‘culture of cover-ups’ in disability group homes

Parents of disabled people in group homes say they are concerned a culture of covering up serious incidents and avoiding police scrutiny pervades the sector.

Adam Who Has Autism moves into his own home

Read how Adam who has autism designed a housing solution for himself using available funding.

The importance of home For Disabled People Under the NDIS

Discussion of housing options under the NDIS for people with disabilities.

Disability Abuse and Neglect: Five years on from Winterbourne View

Details of horrifying abuse and neglect of the disabled in the UK in residential institutions and we must learn from this for Australia.