News and opinion on housing for people with disability.

Disability Housing : What is possible with supported independent living

Watch and listen to Paul tell you about his great life and how he has achieved independence through supported independent living in his own home.

Disability Access: Ways to make your home more accessible

Ideas for modifications & technology to make your house more accessible without sacrificing style.

Proposed focus areas on the NDIS by Australian Human Rights Commission

A discussion paper has been released by the Australian Human Rights Commission stating the areas of focus by the Commissioner for the NDIS.

Forced cohabitation Under NDIS is not “companionship” or “inclusion”

Details of some very worrying cases under the NDIS where disabled participants are being forced to live together when they haven't chosen that option and don't know each other.

Disability Abuse and Neglect: Five years on from Winterbourne View

Details of horrifying abuse and neglect of the disabled in the UK in residential institutions and we must learn from this for Australia.

The importance of home For Disabled People Under the NDIS

Discussion of housing options under the NDIS for people with disabilities.

Integrated model of housing and support for young people in nursing...

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an exciting and significant part of the solution to the issue of young people in nursing homes....

Autistic people at greater risk of becoming homeless – new research

Investment in a greater range of meaningful services for this group is vital to ensure that they are less likely to have problems with employment and in finding sustainable accommodation.

Five years on, NDIS is getting young people out of aged...

The number of young people living in aged care has remained just above 6,000 for the past 10 years. A 5% reduction in admissions in the past five years is barely scratching the surface of the total numbers still living in aged care.

Government announces plans to bring in access laws for disabled tenants

The government has finally agreed to bring into force long-awaited laws that will impose a duty on landlords to allow disabled tenants to make access improvements to the hallways, staircases and entrances of residential properties.