News and opinion on housing for people with disability.

Disabled people face hidden crisis in accessible housing

More than 350,000 disabled people in England have unmet housing needs, with one-third of those in rented accommodation living in unsuitable properties.

Info session on disability housing options – Preston April 14

Info session on disability housing options - Preston April 14

Mental Health: Not just a place to live – From homelessness...

Helping the most marginalized people in society feel comfortable in a new and alien environment, where they were isolated from their peers, required a different approach that went beyond finding them a place to live.

My eight year search for affordable accessible and disability friendly housing

Read a detailed account of a lengthy, stressful and frustrating search for disability friendly, accessible housing.

Disability Housing : What is possible with supported independent living

Watch and listen to Paul tell you about his great life and how he has achieved independence through supported independent living in his own home.

Six lessons on how to make affordable housing funding work across...

A suitable construction funding model is the critical missing ingredient needed to deliver more affordable housing in Australia.

Disability Abuse and Neglect: Five years on from Winterbourne View

Details of horrifying abuse and neglect of the disabled in the UK in residential institutions and we must learn from this for Australia.

Autistic people at greater risk of becoming homeless – new research

Investment in a greater range of meaningful services for this group is vital to ensure that they are less likely to have problems with employment and in finding sustainable accommodation.

Mission nearly impossible: the City of Sydney’s efforts to increase the...

The major challenge is providing affordable rental housing. Despite the city council’s best intentions, the affordable and social housing stock has hardly grown over the last decade.

Innovation in aged care: alternative options give older Australians autonomy and...

Discussion of some great options being used by aged care recipients to help them live in the community and stay at home.