News and opinion on housing for people with disability.

Concerns about ‘culture of cover-ups’ in disability group homes

Parents of disabled people in group homes say they are concerned a culture of covering up serious incidents and avoiding police scrutiny pervades the sector.

Adam Who Has Autism moves into his own home

Read how Adam who has autism designed a housing solution for himself using available funding.

The importance of home For Disabled People Under the NDIS

Discussion of housing options under the NDIS for people with disabilities.

Disability Abuse and Neglect: Five years on from Winterbourne View

Details of horrifying abuse and neglect of the disabled in the UK in residential institutions and we must learn from this for Australia.

[Report] Support to access high quality housing an essential part of...

People with mental health issues require high quality housing support and facilities to make the best recovery and have the best life possible.

Forced cohabitation Under NDIS is not “companionship” or “inclusion”

Details of some very worrying cases under the NDIS where disabled participants are being forced to live together when they haven't chosen that option and don't know each other.

Younger People with Very High & Complex Care Needs Conference

Conference regarding care, housing and support for younger people with severe disabilities 14-15 June in Melbourne

Disability Access: Ways to make your home more accessible

Ideas for modifications & technology to make your house more accessible without sacrificing style.

NDIS Event: Melbourne Disability Housing Options Showcase

Details of upcoming event in Melbourne showcasing various disability housing options under the NDIS so that disabled people can live in the community.

NDIS Must Be Backed Up With Housing To Get Young People...

Discussion of the plight of young people in nursing homes due to no suitable accommodation and how the NDIS can be modified to help them live independently.