News and opinion on transport for people with disability.

Disability Sector Concern Over Ride-Sharing Taking Over the School Bus Run

The disability sector and parents are very concerned over plans by the NDIA (NDIS agency) to bring in a new transport scheme for sending disabled children to school for their education.

What is an MLAK Key & How It Can Help The...

MLAK keys can allow you unlock to a wide range of accessible facilities Australia wide.

New Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts

Details on an exciting range of new wheelchair vehicle lifts.

Taxi subsidy in NSW for disabled Increases from July after 16-year...

The New South Wales taxi subsidy will double from 1 July 2016 - no increase for 16 years is disgraceful.

Nearly 90% of blind people face ill-treatment over their guide dogs

Nearly 90% of guide dog users face disability discrimination and access problems despite legal protection.

Access problems at super stops prompt trial of wheelchair ramps on...

The step height between trams and tram platforms exceeds the maximum and was known when the trams were ordered.

Groundbreaking Settlement to End Discrimination Against Blind Uber Riders Who Use...

A fantastic settlement has been reached between Uber and the NBF in America to enable far better transport for people using guide dogs and other assistance animals.

Get behind “Paws with Purpose” campaign to help guide dogs access

Please spread the message that guide dogs and seeing eye dogs are allowed everywhere and to prevent access is disability discrimination.

Guide Dogs warn of risks of distracting working animals

Discussion of the problems that can be caused to a guide dog or seeing eye dog by patting them whilst they are working.

Disabled woman abandoned on train in wheelchair after staff ‘forgot about...

A woman travelling on a train in a wheelchair requiring assistance from staff was left abandoned.