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News and opinion on lifestyle issues for people with disability.

Disrupted sleep-wake cycle linked to mental health problems – new study

Disturbances to circadian rhythms – specifically, increased activity during rest hours and/or inactivity during the day – were associated with a greater risk of mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorder), worse subjective feelings of well-being and slower reaction times.

Osteopathy can be used to treat mental health issues related to...

35% of people who suffer with low back pain are also diagnosed with depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Loneliness is a health issue, and needs targeted solutions

Loneliness has been found to be a risk factor for all causes of early death and feeling lonely increases our likelihood of earlier death by 26%.

Losing the label – the disabled people you didn’t know you...

What would make the future even brighter would be building a world that accepts that disabled people are us and not them – the faceless numbers.

From hollywood to the boardroom: Actress with disability advocates for inclusion

Hollywood actress partners with Disability Solutions to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Anecdotes of a disabled gay: Inclusion, advocacy and employment

We need to change the way we think about disability, sex, and sexuality once and for all. To explore the power of social labels, how they can affect one’s life in both positive and negative ways.

Cannabis and psychosis: what is the link and who is at...

There’s consistent evidence showing a relationship over time between heavy or repeated cannabis use (or those diagnosed with cannabis use disorder) and an experience of psychosis for the first time.

Losing wealth, health and life: how financial loss can have catastrophic...

Unaffordable home loans, poor financial advice and unmanageable consumer credit may have serious consequences for many Australians, beyond bankruptcy and debt.

How misogyny, narcissism and a desperate need for power make men...

Online abuse may appear to be ostensibly different from rape or sexual assault. However, the same norms and power structures underpin these acts.

How benefit sanctions push single parents further from work

Parents are often penalised despite seeking work, caught out by unrealistic expectations from jobcentres and poor administration.