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News and opinion on arts and culture for people with disability.

Benefits Street antidote ‘will not be a safe space for audiences’

An award-winning disabled poet, performer and stand-up is hoping that her new show – based on more than 80 interviews with disabled and working-class people and benefit claimants – will provide an antidote to reality TV “rubbish” like Benefits Street.

Boy with autism makes television debut in Netflix children’s show

A new show which has started on Netflix features a boy with Autism promoting a positive inclusion message for children and families.

Landmark study finds disability diversity the lowest represented on Australian TV

A new study has found that diversity on Australian TV drama shows does not match the diversity in the population and disability representation is the worst.

Sight Unseen – Exhibit That Blind Can “See”

Details of artwork on display that is accessible to the blind and vision impaired.