Thursday, September 19, 2019
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News and opinion on arts and culture for people with disability.

Down Syndrome on stage: You Know We Belong Together crosses boundaries...

You Know We Belong Together is a play about Julia Hales, the star of this play, and her dreams of finding love, and acting on Home and Away.

Analysing Stan: what Eminem’s ill-fated fictional superfan can tell us about...

The article explores Stan's mental health and how his early childhood neglect and psychological trauma may have contributed to chemical changes in his brain that make him less able to cope with stress and develop trusting relationships.

Benefits Street antidote ‘will not be a safe space for audiences’

An award-winning disabled poet, performer and stand-up is hoping that her new show – based on more than 80 interviews with disabled and working-class people and benefit claimants – will provide an antidote to reality TV “rubbish” like Benefits Street.

Boy with autism makes television debut in Netflix children’s show

A new show which has started on Netflix features a boy with Autism promoting a positive inclusion message for children and families.

Landmark study finds disability diversity the lowest represented on Australian TV

A new study has found that diversity on Australian TV drama shows does not match the diversity in the population and disability representation is the worst.

Sight Unseen – Exhibit That Blind Can “See”

Details of artwork on display that is accessible to the blind and vision impaired.