Thursday, September 19, 2019


News and opinion on relationships for people with disability.

It’s complicated: dating with depression

Dating while you have depression is difficult and even more so online. When and how much do you disclose in the early stages of getting to know the other person.

Sex and disability: a hot topic

Disabled people can have "normal" sexual and romantic relationships but the media often portrays people with disabilities as a novelty and not capable of normal relationships.

What You Learn From Navigating Through The Tinder Trenches (As A...

Read about the experiences of a disabled woman using the Tinder app to find love, romance and relationships.

Sex and the Disabled Life

Disability and sexuality are a complex relationship and often your body fights against you. This important topic is explored here.

Disability, sex and relationships: sex education

A series on disabilities, sex and relationships covers sex education for the disabled which is a very necessary discussion.