Thursday, September 19, 2019


News and opinion on travel for people with disability.

United Airlines Earns Top Marks on Disability Equality Index

United Airlines has earnt perfect marks on a disability equality index for both employee and travellers disability access.

Girl with autism denied priority flight boarding

An airline showed a complete lack of understanding and assistance towards a family with an autistic child and made boarding much more difficult.

Gatwick Airport launches lanyard for passengers with hidden disabilities

A trial scheme to help people with invisible / hidden disabilities to get help at the airport has been launched and seems worthwhile expanding including to Australia.

Disability and accessible tourism: the ultimate guide

Learn about the ultimate guide to accessible tourism & how to have a fun and accessible holiday or trip.

Special needs teacher speaks about moment she saved Flight JQ527

A special needs teacher came to the rescue of a child with down syndrome on a Jetstar flight.

A French service helps you find the perfect travel mate for...

A terrific sounding service in France is being trialled with a smart app helping you find a guide or escort for your train journey and both people get rewarded.

Air Travel: TSA Agents Humiliate Wheelchair Using Olympic Champion

A wheelchair user was subjected to an embarrassing, intrusive and excessive security scan.

Family protests airline’s rejection of special seat for son who has...

Cathay Pacific caused enormous problems and anxiety for this family when they refused use of a special disability harness.

Air travelers with disabilities hope for more accessible skies

Barriers faced by disabled people wanting to travel on aeroplanes are extensive and this summarises recent news and developments.

[Infographic] Taking children with cerebral palsy on flights

Advice on how to plan ahead when a child with cerebral palsy needs to fly.