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News and opinion stories dealing with mental health issues and mental illness.

People experiencing suicidal thoughts need the compassionate ear of a caring...

A genuinely caring response from a person might be sufficient for the person who is having suicidal thoughts to reconsider.

Amazonian psychedelic may ease severe depression, new study shows

This Amazonian sacred plant has the potential to be used safely and effectively to treat even the hardest to treat depression.

Why is suicide on the rise in the US – but...

The number of suicides per 100,000 individuals has been rising for several years. The problem is particularly pronounced for Americans between the ages of 45 and 54.

How gardening can improve the mental health of refugees

After spending many years living in refugee camps, gardening can provide a safe space to establish identity, rebuild lives and attain happiness.

Why do some people with autism have restricted interests and repetitive...

There is a large gap in our understanding of another cluster of behaviours that form part of an autism diagnosis: restrictive and repetitive behaviours and interests (RRBs).

Disability Housing : What is possible with supported independent living

Watch and listen to Paul tell you about his great life and how he has achieved independence through supported independent living in his own home.

Autistic people at greater risk of becoming homeless – new research

Investment in a greater range of meaningful services for this group is vital to ensure that they are less likely to have problems with employment and in finding sustainable accommodation.

Suicide nation: What’s behind the need to numb and to seek...

Are the increasing suicide rates linked to the seeming increase in demand for drugs such as marijuana, opioids and psychiatric medicine?

Digital mental health drug raises troubling questions

Having pills that connect us to our doctor and pharmaceutical companies via an app is dehumanizing and reduces patients’ psychic lives to a digital readout.

Can yoga help treat mental illness?

What yoga clearly does is relieving symptoms of anxiety in healthy individuals – be it diffuse everyday fear, examination anxiety or performance anxiety in musicians.