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OPINION: Stand up for your rights, because no one else will

As a person blind since birth, I learnt quickly that in order to be regarded as an equal in society, I’d have to utilise my greatest ally – my voice.

Down Syndrome on stage: You Know We Belong Together crosses boundaries...

You Know We Belong Together is a play about Julia Hales, the star of this play, and her dreams of finding love, and acting on Home and Away.

Too many Australians living in nursing homes take their own lives

More than half of nursing home residents suffer from depression, and around 140 of them have taken their own lives (between 2000-2013) while in care, new study shows.

Talking about suicide and self-harm in schools can save lives

Suicide and self-harm remain taboo topics in schools, despite the fact youth suicide has reached a ten year high.

How The Benevolent Society can help you get your needs and...

Find out if you are eligible for the NDIS and what help you can receive as TBS helps you through the process.

Australians stuck below the poverty line including people with disabilities

Despite decades of strong economic growth, poverty continues to be a major concern in Australia. Recent research published by the Melbourne Institute shows that more than two million Australians fell below the poverty line in 2015.

New evidence suggests we may need to rethink policies aimed at...

Less than 15% of the most disadvantaged people in Australia exit poverty from one year to the next, according to data from the Journeys Home survey, run by the Melbourne Institute.

Six lessons on how to make affordable housing funding work across...

A suitable construction funding model is the critical missing ingredient needed to deliver more affordable housing in Australia.

Abuse in care versus not in care: we need to tackle...

The proposed Commonwealth redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse is a first step toward creating a national redress scheme. Should a national scheme result, it will be unlike any other in the world.

Why all Jobs aren’t equal for people with disabilities

For the four million Australians with a disability, job quality is systematically worse, leading to more mental health issues and increasing the likelihood they leave the workforce altogether.