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Covering the latest disability news and discussion in Australia or affecting Australians.

Understanding the NDIS: will parents of newly diagnosed children with disability...

Under the NDIS informal support to find out about early intervention will not be a funded service. In fact, it will no longer exist.

Duo Security Brings Accessibility to User Authentication

International disability news courtesy of PR NewsWire.

NDIA Chairman, Bruce Bonyhady responds to story in The Australian

The Australian newspaper published two in-depth articles on problems with the NDIS on the weekend. Here is the response from the NDIS Chairman.

My Disability Matters Launches With Survey For All Disabled Community

My Disability Matters has launched to provide disability news, opinion and discussion including the NDIS in Australia.

Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, June 25, 2015 – Volume 514

The Week's News in Adaptive Technology for blind and vision impaired and low vision people. Top Tech Tidbits is A Flying Blind, LLC Publication.

Why all Jobs aren’t equal for people with disabilities

For the four million Australians with a disability, job quality is systematically worse, leading to more mental health issues and increasing the likelihood they leave the workforce altogether.

Losing wealth, health and life: how financial loss can have catastrophic...

Unaffordable home loans, poor financial advice and unmanageable consumer credit may have serious consequences for many Australians, beyond bankruptcy and debt.

Early intervention issues with NDIS

One parent's account of how the NDIS early intervention program is rolling out and the frustrations it is causing.

NDIS Event: Melbourne Disability Housing Options Showcase

Details of upcoming event in Melbourne showcasing various disability housing options under the NDIS so that disabled people can live in the community.

Ideas about Info, Linkages, Capacity Building and the NDIS

Ideas about Info, Linkages, Capacity Building and the NDIS