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Covering the latest disability news and discussion in Australia or affecting Australians.

School is not always a safe place for students with disability...

School teachers are struggling to adequately support students with complex needs and school environments allow abuse to occur.

Why contracting out to private health providers doesn’t always work |...

This is a British report on how and why the privatization of health services is not working in many cases. Some lessons to be...

[Petition] Save Our NDIS: Stop ‘My First Plan’

The NDIA is radically changing the planning process for NDIS participants and this petition calls on them to reverse this decision to eliminate goals in people's first plans.

When possessions are poor substitutes for people: hoarding disorder and loneliness

Hoarding disorder leads to a quality of life as poor as that of people with schizophrenia. Clutter increases the risks of injury, medical conditions, and death.

Individualised disability funding in Australia and England – different design, same...

Compare and contrast the similarities and same problems being experienced in both the UK and Australia with the NDIS scheme.

Six lessons on how to make affordable housing funding work across...

A suitable construction funding model is the critical missing ingredient needed to deliver more affordable housing in Australia.

NDIS Disability Housing: Funding for 500-900 New Properties Every Year

The NDIA / NDIS has released its next important discussion paper on disability housing under the NDIS including who will pay for what and how many specialist disability housing places will be created.

Visa policy for overseas students with a disability is nonsensical and...

if you are an overseas student with a disability or health issue, or have an accompanying family member with a similar condition, you are at serious risk of having your visa refused to study in Australia.

Disability Sector Concern Over Ride-Sharing Taking Over the School Bus Run

The disability sector and parents are very concerned over plans by the NDIA (NDIS agency) to bring in a new transport scheme for sending disabled children to school for their education.

NDIS rollout for Queensland

On Wednesday 16 March, the Commonwealth and Queensland governments agreed to roll out the NDIS in Queensland. It is expected the NDIS will cover over 90,000 Queenslanders with disability.