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Ditching Logan’s public-private regeneration sets Queensland back on social and affordable...

The prospect of a massive increase in public affordable housing for the disabled in Queensland has been destroyed by the Queensland Government by abandoning a major project.

She who pays the piper calls the tune: exploring self management...

An explanation of the NDIS self management process and how it is working out for disabled participants.

Toxin linked to motor neuron disease found in Australian algal blooms

Research now needs to focus on tracking and monitoring algal blooms to detect the presence of BMAA (a neurotoxin), and determining how long it remains in the ecosystem after these blooms occur.

Keep Community Radio campaign launched as funding is cut

The recent Federal Budget has severe cutbacks to Community Radio funding - caused in part by the NDIS.

EOI launch for Specialist Disability services in NSW

The NSW Government has launched an expression of interest process for privatizing disability support services.

Please Help Us Employ & Pay Writers With A Disability and...

Help us pay writers with a disability to produce articles on disability rights and issues important to the disability community. Tax deductible Donations, publicity, sponsorship are all needed. Let's create a new alternative to the former ABC RampUp and help disabled writers get a voice.

Why you might be experiencing security warnings on the NDIS website

The NDIS website and portal site give seemingly random security warnings to site visitors - here is the problem and how it can be fixed.

Autism and NDIS talks in Tasmania

Details of some talks about how the NDIS will effect the autism community in Tasmania, being held during June 2016.

Talking about suicide and self-harm in schools can save lives

Suicide and self-harm remain taboo topics in schools, despite the fact youth suicide has reached a ten year high.