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NDIS set to provide jobs boon

The NDIS is set to create a boon in disability carer jobs and the sector in general. Read one person's story about how they love their work.

Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference

Full details on an exciting upcoming conference about disability advocacy which will be vital under the NDIS.

For better mental health, advocate for fairer, more inclusive societies

Mental health advocates should be campaigning for more equal, inclusive and stronger communities, says Dr Simon Duffy at the Towards Recovery conference in Melbourne.

Please Help Us Employ & Pay Writers With A Disability and...

Help us pay writers with a disability to produce articles on disability rights and issues important to the disability community. Tax deductible Donations, publicity, sponsorship are all needed. Let's create a new alternative to the former ABC RampUp and help disabled writers get a voice.

Parliament passes laws enacting 2017 reforms re My Aged Care

Update on legislation concerning My Aged Care system for elderly disability care.

Too many Australians living in nursing homes take their own lives

More than half of nursing home residents suffer from depression, and around 140 of them have taken their own lives (between 2000-2013) while in care, new study shows.

Three charts on: why rates of mental illness aren’t going down...

Research shows there is unfairness in how Australia’s mental health care is delivered. Improving mental health will depend at least in part on fairer distribution.

Explainer: how much does the NDIS cost and where does this...

These are difficult questions to answer because we lack high-quality data about the extent & nature of disability in Australia.

Disability Reform Council achieves significant agreement to support the rollout of...

DRC met today in Sydney and made a number of important decisions to strengthen overall disability reform.