Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Premier Colin Barnett warns of NDIS blowout

WA Government warns of major cost blowouts and holdups with roll out of NDIS.

Disability Sector Concern Over Ride-Sharing Taking Over the School Bus Run

The disability sector and parents are very concerned over plans by the NDIA (NDIS agency) to bring in a new transport scheme for sending disabled children to school for their education.

Down Syndrome on stage: You Know We Belong Together crosses boundaries...

You Know We Belong Together is a play about Julia Hales, the star of this play, and her dreams of finding love, and acting on Home and Away.

Toxin linked to motor neuron disease found in Australian algal blooms

Research now needs to focus on tracking and monitoring algal blooms to detect the presence of BMAA (a neurotoxin), and determining how long it remains in the ecosystem after these blooms occur.

Disability workers are facing longer days with less pay

Disability support workers are being significantly underpaid as some core tasks and activities do not get counted as work. Employed to provide support to people in their own homes and the community, their working time is highly fragmented, with multiple short periods of paid work spread out over long working days.

NDIS Releases QLD Market Position Statement

Queensland is progressing with being ready for the NDIS rollout with the NDIA releasing the NDIS market statement to help providers prepare.

Slap in the face: MP condemns timing of NDIS computer glitch...

A full review of the NDIA's implementation of the new IT system for administering the NDIS has finally been ordered by the Minister.

ACT to reap economic benefits of NDIS, report finds

The NDIS will create an "employment boom" in the ACT and add up to $367 million to the local economy.

Concerns about ‘culture of cover-ups’ in disability group homes

Parents of disabled people in group homes say they are concerned a culture of covering up serious incidents and avoiding police scrutiny pervades the sector.

BCA South Australian Members Forum to be streamed via the Internet

BCA South Australian Members Forum to be streamed via the Internet for all members on 9 April 2016.