Thursday, September 19, 2019


Covering the latest disability news and discussion in Australia or affecting Australians.

Loneliness is a health issue, and needs targeted solutions

Loneliness has been found to be a risk factor for all causes of early death and feeling lonely increases our likelihood of earlier death by 26%.

Explainer: how much does the NDIS cost and where does this...

These are difficult questions to answer because we lack high-quality data about the extent & nature of disability in Australia.

Budget 2018 boosts aged care, rural health and medical research: health...

The government has announced A$1.6 billion over four years to allow 14,000 more older Australians to remain in their home for longer through more high-level home care places.

Toxin linked to motor neuron disease found in Australian algal blooms

Research now needs to focus on tracking and monitoring algal blooms to detect the presence of BMAA (a neurotoxin), and determining how long it remains in the ecosystem after these blooms occur.

We can’t just leave it to the NDIS to create cities...

The responsibility for change should be shared far more broadly – mainstream services must actively transform themselves to become more inclusive.

New report outlines economic benefits of investment in mental health

The report takes into account a range of complex issues, and presents actionable, scalable and context-specific solutions – solutions that not only provide demonstrable health and social benefits, but quantifiable economic returns to taxpayers and to the community.

Some women feel grief after an abortion, but there’s no evidence...

Neither the term “post-abortion syndrome”, nor the claims about its characteristics, are supported by any national or international psychological societies.

Turnbull government must show how it will fully fund the NDIS

The Turnbull Government is walking away from its strategy to fully fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) through a small increase to the Medicare Levy.

NDIS Budget Blow For People With Disabilities

People with disability around Australia are reeling after the Treasurer’s backflip on funding for the NDIS. People with disability feel betrayed and ambushed by this decision and are left wondering what else is in this year’s budget?

NDIS participants devalued again

The decision flies in the face of the current reality of the Scheme, which is underfunding participants and failing in the Scheme’s primary objective to give participants choice and control.