Thursday, September 19, 2019


Covering the latest disability news and discussion in the UK or affecting people living in the UK.

DWP figures on ‘unacceptable’ WCA reports cast doubt on decisions made...

DWP decision-makers are frequently deciding ESA claims based on “unacceptable” reports instead of sending them back to Maximus assessors to “rework”.

Minister suggests ‘realities of the world’ mean government will not halt...

The justice minister responsible for human rights appears to have dismissed calls for the government to do more to protect the social and economic rights of disabled people and other groups.

Disabled people face hidden crisis in accessible housing

More than 350,000 disabled people in England have unmet housing needs, with one-third of those in rented accommodation living in unsuitable properties.

Improving mental health support for children in the care of the...

We know that the child mental health system is under pressure and that almost half of all children in care have a diagnosable mental health disorder. There are complex policy and practice issues as well as tensions in where responsibility lies in relation to mental health needs of children in the care of the state in the UK.

Charities delivering work programme must not attack McVey

Disability charities that sign up to help deliver the government’s new Work and Health Programme must promise to “pay the utmost regard to the standing and reputation” of work and pensions secretary Esther McVey, official documents suggest.

Government use of the term ‘welfare’ is on the rise, and...

Historically the British state has typically avoided the word ‘welfare’, but things have changed.

Rail company to run services with no wheelchair spaces

From July, TransPennine Express (TPE) is to introduce two extra trains, each with four carriages, all of which will be inaccessible to wheelchair-users.

DWP failed to show WCA reviewer evidence of links to benefit...

The Department for Work and Pensions appears to have admitted failing to show vital documents that linked its “fitness for work” assessment with the deaths of benefit claimants to an independent expert it hired to review the test.

Individualised disability funding in Australia and England – different design, same...

Compare and contrast the similarities and same problems being experienced in both the UK and Australia with the NDIS scheme.

An interest rate rise may put thousands at risk of mental...

Not only do we need comprehensive strategies for helping people cope with psychological difficulties directly, but it is important to recognise that mental health links to the economy.