Thursday, September 19, 2019


Covering the latest disability news and discussion in the USA or affecting Americans.

Mental Health: Not just a place to live – From homelessness...

Helping the most marginalized people in society feel comfortable in a new and alien environment, where they were isolated from their peers, required a different approach that went beyond finding them a place to live.

Connecting people with schizophrenia-related brain disorders to the wider community

Read about the launch of a new social networking platform for people with Schizophrenia-Related Brain Disorders to connect with each other.

#FightingMHStigma raising awareness of the stigma of mental health disorders

1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their lifetimes, yet there is still a stigma attached.

We’re blind, not invisible

A social change campaign aimed at permanently altering how society views and treats people who are blind.

CrossFit program helps children with autism find confidence

A fantastic exercise program for children with autism is helping with fitness and confidence.

Boy with autism makes television debut in Netflix children’s show

A new show which has started on Netflix features a boy with Autism promoting a positive inclusion message for children and families.

Independent Federal Disability Agency Calls for a “Technology Bill of Rights”...

There are high level calls for a technology bill of rights to ensure accessible technology is produced, to protect all disabled Americans.

How one family’s dream of a service dog came true

A family's journey of obtaining a service dog for their child with seizures, after initial knockbacks.

When the sheltered workshop closes

The move from a facility-based approach to integrated community employment supports.

United Airlines Earns Top Marks on Disability Equality Index

United Airlines has earnt perfect marks on a disability equality index for both employee and travellers disability access.