Covering the latest disability news and discussion in the USA or affecting Americans.

We’re blind, not invisible

A social change campaign aimed at permanently altering how society views and treats people who are blind.

Boy with autism makes television debut in Netflix children’s show

A new show which has started on Netflix features a boy with Autism promoting a positive inclusion message for children and families.

How one family’s dream of a service dog came true

A family's journey of obtaining a service dog for their child with seizures, after initial knockbacks.

When the sheltered workshop closes

The move from a facility-based approach to integrated community employment supports.

Disabled people need not apply

An organisation supposedly dedicated to inclusion, equality, advocacy and disability rights has imposed requirements for a job that exclude many disabled people!

5 things parents of special needs kids want you to know...

A law designed to discriminate against trans-sexual people is having unintended consequences for parents of disabled children.

Jarring campaign tackles disability stigma with offensive statements

What do you think of this highly provocative campaign designed to increase disability awareness and acceptance?

Mencap campaign calls on OkCupid to apologise and remove an offensive...

A dating website includes a highly offensive question around IQ as part of its signup process.

Report: People with autism earn about half as much

Wage earners with autism unfortunately earn half as much as their non disabled counterparts.

Is This Fair?: BMW Redesigns The Wheelchair For High-Speed Paralympians

BMW is helping make faster, lighter racing wheelchairs but is it fair to all athletes?