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Report: People with autism earn about half as much

Wage earners with autism unfortunately earn half as much as their non disabled counterparts.

Independent Federal Disability Agency Calls for a “Technology Bill of Rights”...

There are high level calls for a technology bill of rights to ensure accessible technology is produced, to protect all disabled Americans.

Dismissal over erratic behaviour was disability discrimination

A person engaged in erratic & argumentative behavior and was sacked but held the symptoms were caused by mental health and mental illness issues that the employer should have been aware of.

Mencap campaign calls on OkCupid to apologise and remove an offensive...

A dating website includes a highly offensive question around IQ as part of its signup process.

DAISY Consortium Wins Grant From

International disability news courtesy of PR NewsWire.

Invictus Games Orlando 2016 Kicks Off with Unforgettable Opening Ceremony

International disability news courtesy of PR NewsWire.

CrossFit program helps children with autism find confidence

A fantastic exercise program for children with autism is helping with fitness and confidence.

Gillette launches Emojability keyboard for special needs community

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ReWalk Announces Collaboration with Harvard University’s Wyss Institute

International disability news courtesy of PR NewsWire.
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10 Questions To Ask Google About Its Self-Driving Cars

Consumer Watchdog calls on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to set guidelines for self-driving robot car.