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News and opinion on pensions and benefits for people with disability.

EOI launch for Specialist Disability services in NSW

The NSW Government has launched an expression of interest process for privatizing disability support services.

Benefit assessment system undermined by culture of mistrust, say MPs

The disability benefit assessment system is being undermined by a “pervasive culture of mistrust”, fuelled by widespread claims that assessors are deliberately trying to prevent disabled people receiving the support they are entitled to, according to a committee of MPs.

Kiwi mum who suffered head injury denied a benefit from Australian...

A New Zealand citizen living in Australian can't get any social security benefits after acquiring a disability.

Effect Of The Medicare Bulk Billing Freeze On Disabled People &...

Learn about the dramatic effect of the Medicare rebate freeze and how it may impact upon you.

Rule change leads to plunge in successful disability pension claims

Government has significantly tightened up on the DSP eligibility rules resulting in vastly fewer successful claims.

Government to ‘revolutionise’ approach to welfare spending

The Coalition has a plan to end welfare-dependency among at-risk groups.

DWP promises no-one will lose out in huge review of 1.6...

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has promised that no disabled people will have their benefits reduced because of its decision to review 1.6 million personal independence payment (PIP) claims.

DWP U-turns on PIP mobility rules that were based on ‘unsupported...

A government climbdown over new disability benefit rules that were found by the high court to be unlawful and “blatantly discriminatory” demonstrates its failure to base its policies on sound research and evidence, say disabled campaigners.

UK Civil servant sparks fresh concerns over ideological basis of Disability...

The UK civil servant who leads the government’s work and health unit has sparked fresh concerns that the new disability employment strategy could be heavily influenced by the discredited “biopsychosocial” (BPS) model of disability.

The PIP Files: DWP documents show ‘absolutely shocking’ failure on further...

Outsourcing companies have been failing to request vital evidence from GPs and social workers that would help disabled people secure the benefits they are entitled to.