This year, Blind Bargains brought you more CSUN audio and coverage than ever before. We’ve called it the Year of Braille and our audio coverage proves it, with 13 of our podcasts talking about the bumpy dots. On episode 57, our CSUN podcast team, J.J. Meddaugh, Joe Steinkam, and Shelly Brisbin, discuss their highlights and lowlights of the conference as well as a few other stories that happened while the team was in San Diego.


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CSUN 2016

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We cover a lot of ground in this year’s CSUN wrap-up show. Below, we’ve sorted all of our audio podcasts and articles by category, so you can jump back and listen to anything in more detail if you wish.


American Thermoform shows Off the Braillo 650 Sf Commercial Braille Embosser
APH Is a Major Player in The Year of Braille
Bristol Braille Technology Continues Development of the Canute Electronic Braille Book Reader
The First Braille Smart Watch Is Closer Than You Think
Freedom Scientific Makes two Announcements Related…

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