We’re finally, and properly, back in the studio for a regular normal ordinary show this week. That isn’t to say that our content is run of the mill however. We have Scott with a look at a new Amazon product, a tip for iOS, the Last Word” and more CSUN audio. no wait, um, we mean we have some last bit of CSUN audio from our sponsor HIMS up on the site this week. Namely, we have the first and second of their two CSUN presentations.

Check them out and visit the HIMS site if you would like to know more about their innovative products.


Sponsor: Hims

Go make it happen with GoVision, the new transportable video magnifier from HIMS. With goVision you get all you’d expect from a transportable read, write and distance video magnifier with OPTACLE character recognition, plus the ability to enlarge and customize files, photos or videos from your cell phone, tablet or computer. Look at a slideshow of pictures from your vacation right from your thumb drive. Bring the world into focus with GoVision.

For more information, call us at 888-520-4467 or visit us on the web at http://hims-inc.com.

HIMS. Lifestyle Innovation.


In The News:

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