In this interview, Shelly talks with Lindsay Yazzolino, Tactile Test Administrator, and Steve Landau, owner of Touch Graphics, a company that is combining tactile maps with large Android tablets to create some very innovative talking maps. Already in use throughout the country, these maps could eventually connect with iBeacons to provide some truly unique wayfinding solutions.

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broadwaydon Thursday, 31-Mar-2016 08:49 AM ET:

I love the idea of pairing the tactile maps with the I-Beacon. One thing I struggle with as far as rehab agencies using this sort of technology is that, while I want my clients (and me) to be have all of the advantages of new technology, I also want to be sure folks don’t become so dependent on it that they can’t function without it. If these things catch on, that won’t be much of an issue, of course, but until they do, people still need to know how…

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