Freedom Scientific has released another small update to JAWS 17. In version 17.0.186, released today, Freedom Scientific added a feature in the JAWS Window called “Explore Utilities”. This gives the user more readily available access to adjusting various settings. The utilities menu was only available by typing “utilities” in to the search box in the Windows Start Menu and selecting the appropriate option. This release also brings enhancements to Windows 10, touch keyboards, and improvements with Magic, braille, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and web browsing. This update is free for JAWS 17 users which can be installed from within the JAWS Help menu. Follow the source link below to learn more specific information about each change.

Source: Freedom Scientific
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darknexus yesterday 10:33 AM ET:

From my testing, it seems this update has made JAWS even slower. I didn’t think that was possible.

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