Happy Birthday Apple: 40 Years And Still Going Strong


Bloomberg, CNBC, Associated Press, The Verge, and others reflect on the first 40 years of Apple which is now “at the top of its game” and pay tribute to the company’s humble beginnings in a garage to an industry leader with over 100,000 employees and a “string of culture-defining products.”

CNBC shows where the company is today by the numbers calling out one billion active Apple devices around the world, 11 million Apple developers, and that the company is responsible for 2 million jobs in the U.S. alone and over 4 million in China.  Stories call out the company’s mission to change the world and that the “fundamental notion — that technology should enable culture — has remained a core piece of Apple’s mission.”  Walt Mossberg shares his favorite product moments commenting, “The iPod is what made Apple begin to explode and become the Apple that now, on their 40th anniversary, we know of as this highly innovative, highly intriguing, hugely influential tech company.”  While many use the moment as a time to look back, stories also look forward commenting, “Even after Jobs’ death, Apple isn’t sitting still.” Bloomberg focuses on “Tim Cook’s Apple” stating that “None of the genius that is attributed Steve Jobs would have ever been able to happened without the supply chain Tim Cook built.” 

International coverage is widespread and positive, focusing on the key products and milestones that “changed the world.” Many feature historical product and employee…

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