There have been a lot of new and exciting changes released in this version of iOS. In particular, Apple appears to be focusing on multitasking and ease of use, as they continue to improve apps and provide a more user-friendly experience. Here are just a few features of particular interest:

Four Finger Swipe Multitasking; This is not a new gesture for those using the iPad, but it has finally been introduced to the iPhone.
Night Shift: Changes the display’s brightness and color scheme to a warmer yellowish tone instead of the normal blue after sunset. Sunset is determined by the user’s geolocation and clock settings.
Locked Notes: Ever wanted to protect that precious credit card number you’ve written down on your phone? Well now you can, with your fingerprint and a secure password. Only devices with this technology can view locked notes, so they will appear invisible except when viewed on your iOS 9.3 device or your Mac running the latest version of OsX.
Improvements to Apple Music, News and Health.
Improvements to third party keyboards.

Click here for more information, and to view a complete list of features.

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