Rapper 50 Cent is back in the news again, not for his alleged money woes, but for mocking an airport worker who has autism.

The rapper — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — is seen harassing a young man pushing a cleaning cart at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. The rapper turns his camera to the man and accuses him of appearing to be high on drugs.

“Look at him. What type of sh** you think he took before he came to work today?,” 50 Cent says to the camera.

The man pushing the cart doesn’t engage in 50 Cent’s patronizing comments. Instead, he shakes his head repeatedly and continues to walk through the airport pushing his cart.

According to TMZ, Andrew Farrell, 19, has autism and Asperger’s syndrome and also wears a hearing aid.  TMZ reports his family is considering taking legal action, but they are willing to forget the incident if 50 Cent donates $1 million to Andrew’s GoFundMe page and apologizes to him in person for bullying.

We’re waiting to see how 50 Cent handles this situation.

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WARNING: The video contains strong language. 

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