Babywearing is all the rage, at least here in Austin, Texas! Using a sling or baby carrier can be a great option for many disabled parents and may provide an alternative to a stroller, or help free up your hands to, oh, I don’t know, actually do something when you have a baby. Here’s my son’s take on the sport…

Mommy thought putting me in a sling or carrier would be just the ticket for a one-armed lady like her. Mommy was (again!) wrong, but here’s a little about our adventure with slings and carriers. And what an adventure it has been…

First, we tried the Moby wrap. It just looked so awesome and all those videos we watched on YouTube made it look so easy! In reality, it is a very long piece of fabric which requires wrapping and tying and in the end it was hot (people with multiple amputations tend to get hot easily), and mommy needed a lot of help to get it on, and I fussed the entire time I was in it. Luckily we were able to pass it on to a two-handed new mommy who really loves it.

Next, we tried the sling route. We have two: the Balboa Baby one pictured above and a non-adjustable one passed down from another disabled momma & friend (although it hadn’t worked for her). Slings are easy to get on and off with one hand, and mommy likes them. I like them for 10-12 minutes. And…

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